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Do I Need A Home Inspection When Selling in New Jersey?

As the economy seeks to recover from the pandemic, the real estate industry has been on the rise. Whether you are selling or buying, doing a home inspection is something to think about. A thorough home inspection can identify any issues present in a home, enabling the buyer to make a well-informed decision before signing off on a purchase.

In New Jersey, home inspections help ensure a home is safe and sound before being put on the market. It can also reveal potential sales problems, such as hidden structural damage, faulty wiring, and more.

Learn the pros and cons of having a home inspection before selling in this article.

Pros of Doing a Home Inspection Before Selling in New Jersey

1. Gives Homeowners Peace of Mind

Having a home inspection before selling a house in New Jersey can give both the buyer and seller peace of mind that the home is safe and sound. Inspectors can check for common issues that may make the home unsafe, such as faulty wiring and carbon monoxide leaks. Homeowners can make repairs before the sale and avoid potential problems with the house down the line.

2. Helps the Sale Go Through

It can also help ensure that the sale goes through without any problems. Home inspections can reveal potential issues that may cause the deal to fall through, such as termite damage, leaky roofs, or other structural damage. 

3. Helps Set Expectations

It helps both the buyer and seller understand the condition of the home. This will set expectations, as buyers and sellers can discuss any problems revealed during the inspection. This can also benefit sellers, as they can use the inspection results to offer a more accurate price for the home.

Cons of Doing a Home Inspection Before Selling in New Jersey

1. Time-Consuming

A home inspection can be time-consuming and sometimes take months, from scheduling to getting the results. Additionally, some sellers may rush to sell their homes, so they do not want to wait for the inspection and all its processes.

2. Costly

Having an inspection done can be costly, as the average cost for a two-bedroom home is roughly $300-$500. This cost can increase if additional testing, such as radon or mold tests, is required. For some, this cost may not be worth it if there are no obvious problems with the home.

3. Not Always Definitive

Home inspections are not always definitive, as they may not be able to check every aspect of the home thoroughly. Even a thorough examination can miss hidden issues that may come up later, such as foundation or basement problems. Additionally, if the inspector misses some problems or makes a mistake, it can have legal consequences.


Having a home inspection before selling a house in New Jersey can benefit both the buyer and seller, but it also has drawbacks. Ultimately, the decision to do an inspection should be considered carefully before listing a home.

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